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About Us

Thousands of developers use Verifik to build robust networks, supported by tools such as biometric, digital onboarding, passwordless authentication (SSO), and identifier validations (Gov IDs, companies and vehicles). We have democratized cybersecurity for all types of industries - from emerging leaders to the largest global organizations - thus allowing companies and individuals to once again have confidence in the digital world.


To contribute to the advent of
robust networks through verifications, authentications and identifier validations.


The pursuit of a vision with the
collective effort of an organization
will enable to achieve the
most challenging goals, which in
our case is helping to prevent fraud.

We are hiring!

A team of experienced geniuses.

ā We are an organization that understands that digital security is not our core business; unlike the industry, generating a holistic and positive experience is our true service, Verifik is our means to that end.

- Johan Castellanos

Johan Castellanos
Miguel TreviƱo
Ana Casallas
Mario Velez
Angelica Cruz
Arnold CastaƱeda
Creative Director
Lina Yepes
Bussines Manager
Diego Morales
Key Account Manager
Nicolas Hernandez
QA Engineer
Ɓngel Ortiz
Daniel Gallardo
Carlos Bleck
Mobile Developer
Anuar Hernandez
Valery Poveda
Marketing Analyst
Liliana Cuadros
Content Manager
Alejandro MedellĆ­n
Email Marketing Assistant
Camilo Zambrano
UI/UX Designer
Lina Caceres
Process Analyst
Lucia Puentes
Administrative Assistant